The Magazine: Code Dependency

Code Dependency, a piece I wrote about the Kryptos sculpture at CIA headquarters, was published this week in The Magazine.

Since they ran Fits You to a T three months ago, The Magazine has expanded beyond the iOS app to allow web subscriptions — my personal favorite — as well as Kindle subscriptions. Anybody can also read one free article each month, which is great for sharing links among family and friends.

A handful of pieces are freely available without counting toward the monthly limit, such as this Editor’s Note describing my latest article:

Nestled on the CIA campus sits a remarkable sculpture that contains a cryptographic cipher so fiendish that decades after its dedication only part of it has been decoded. Visitors outside of government are rarely allowed within the CIA’s confines, and few have seen the sculpture in person. Mark Siegal has been doing his modest part to crack the remaining encrypted text since 2005, and he takes us into the world of Kryptos and explores why it continues to fascinate.

In addition, they’ve posted details on how to submit article pitches. If you’re someone who loves writing, I highly recommend sending in a pitch yourself.

My thanks again to Glenn and Marco for publishing both of these pieces. And thank you for reading.