About “About Gilbert Tang, Jr.”

As a huge fan of all things meta, I may have found my new favorite About page:

Then I sent my funny-to-my-sweet-wife, boring, generic, for-the-people bio to one of my close friends, a real, working writer in fancy New York City, which is a nice way of saying Queens. She’s still mad at me because I sold her my old 11” MacBook Air that gives her minor but emotionally challenging problems.

The bio’s framing device really works for me. I should also mention that Gilbert showed me his new site before it launched, but I didn’t suggest changes to this page.

Fear stops many writers — aspiring, professional, and everything in between — from writing often enough to achieve their goals. Gilbert’s blog and self-aware About page reflect a commitment to sidestep that fear. They set the tone for a journey that I’m excited to see unfold.1

And be sure to check out his first post, a review of Chris Higgins’s excellent book The Blogger Abides.

  1. In addition, it’s been great to watch similar journeys among other writers at various stages of their freelancing careers, such as Steven Aquino, Josh Centers, and the aforementioned Chris Higgins.2 

  2. Can a footnote say “aforementioned” when referring to anything in the entire piece or just statements from before the footnote? Does the answer change if nested footnotes are involved?