Of course this post would be meta

Manton Reece on blogging every day:

Whenever I get out of the habit of writing daily, it creates friction to get anything published. When you post every day, there’s no expectation that all posts have to be great. But when you wait too long, there’s an increasing feeling that the next post has to be perfect.

In the nearly 15 months since my last blog post, I have accumulated some of those counterproductive expectations. No single topic or epiphany merits coming back here after so long. That mindset helped to justify letting this place stay defunct.

During that time, however, I’ve also been frustrated by Twitter as a replacement for blogging. My needs are straightforward, but they exceed the 140-character limitations of a tweet. I’ve repeatedly tried linking to posts on Twitter and been disappointed when I couldn’t find the perfect sentence or two to quote while still leaving room for the URL. When I started reading similar thoughts from Marco Arment, Jason Snell, and Gina Trapani, I felt ready to give blogging another try.

I won’t post something every day. Maybe I won’t post something every year. But I’m glad to be back.