Narrated: a podcast about audiobooks

The best thing about blogging in 2019 is that nobody seems to care when you don’t post for two years at a time. But it can give a somewhat misleading impression of what is happening in your absence. Looking back through these admittedly sparse archives, I was surprised to remember that I haven’t written about the podcast I tricked my friend Scott Ullery into hosting.

Narrated is a biweekly podcast about audiobooks. If you haven’t listened, here are a couple of good recent episodes to start with:

I originally started Narrated in December 2017 after several years of being tempted to try podcasting. The initial idea was to have a mostly solo show that occasionally brought in guests. I quickly realized that conversational episodes are way more fun, which was pretty obvious in hindsight since that’s also the format for all of my favorite shows.

Those guest episodes led to bringing on Scott as a cohost and ultimately passing the baton to him to keep hosting the show. I’ve been glad to return often as a frequent guest and have really been enjoying how Scott has made the podcast his own thing (even though I had to trick him into hosting it).